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Instructional Snapping Book


The World's FIRST Fingersnapping Instructional DVD
Snapmaster Bobby Badfingers introduces you to the secrets to unleashing the fingersnapping maestro inside you. Mr. Badfingers walks you through five easy-to-learns lessons, from the basic techniques to hip hop, funky, country and putting it all together with dance moves that will dazzle your friends and make your family sweat.

You'll learn:

  • Key exercises to help you snap longer and stronger.
  • Beyond the middle finger: Creating dramatic “snap rolls.”
  • Hand positions that reduce snapping fatigue.
  • Martial arts moves that add zap to your snap.
  • Snapster: Prime practice tunes, from beginner to advanced.
  • And much, much more!!!


Bobby Badfingers and the Incredible, Complete, Semi-True Story of Fingersnapping!"
If you buy only ONE book that’s all about fingersnapping in 2005 – this must be it!!
For the very first time in a single, portable, lavishly illustrated volume you’ll get:
All the secrets of how to snap like the world’s greatest (and only! professional snappist – Mr. Bobby Badfingers!

“Going really fast is definitely technique. And for all the years I’ve practiced, I’m sure I’d have learned it a lot quicker if I had someone teaching me how to do it.” – Bobby Badfingers

Amaze your friends, pets, toll booth attendants, co-workers, that cute girl/guy at Starbucks or your way-uptight parole officer!

You’ll also learn all sorts of Seriously True Unknown Fingersnapping Facts (aka S.T.U.F.F.!)


Like what? Like:
How undergrads at one U.S. university, banned from talking to the opposite sex, made their love connections through fingersnaps!

How tribal healers in Africa’s Kalahari Desert seek to hurl life energy into their patients – through fingersnaps!

How some Buddhists define the briefest measure of time as a 1/60th of a fingersnap. And how Buddha himself said a monk who focused on heartfelt kindness for as long as a fingersnap was a worthy disciple.

How to insult people in Belgium, offer best wishes in Ghana or tell someone to come get their dog in American Sign Language – with fingersnaps!

BUT WAIT! That’s not all!
Between the covers of this serviceably bound,legibly typeset literary tour-de-snap, you’ll also get the kind of insider info on fingersnapping that could only be made up! Like:

Fingersnapping in Classical Music: The Forgotten Legacy!
(Plus the places you’re really supposed to be fingersnapping during our National Anthem!)

Snappercize! – The Exercise Craze that’s Shaping Up
(and Snapping Up) the Nation! Drop Inches from Your Waistline while building your Vulcan Death Grip!

Snap Fu -- The Last Thing Any Mugger Expects! Defend Yourself from Attackers with these Simple yet Devastating Fingersnap Moves!




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